Yoga Nidra

May 08- 2021

Golden Earth conducted Yoga Nidra series for people in all age groups. It will be conducted every Saturday from 8th May 2021. Yoga Nidra is also called as the psychic sleep. It is one of the best yogic intervention mechanism to cope with the problem of stress! Drop in sessions are always open and you can connect with us to join!

The purpose of this Yoga Nidra series is to encourage each person to allow the experience of complete relaxation through "yoga nidra" as a tool of yoga. These days we face over stimulation; distractions; and high pressure in all spheres of our life. The current pandemic has added additional anxiety and uncertainty to our lives. Allowing ourselves to deeply relax through the blissful sleep or Yoga Nidra is a great way to connect with our self and at the same time create a calm and stable self to face up to all our daily stresses.

The sessions are created to relieve mental and physical fatigue, keep mind and body healthy, boost energy levels and provide deep relaxation. The event will be conducted online on zoom.

For upcoming sessions of Yoga Nidra do check in the Upcoming events tab.

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