Yoga For Kids

Why teach a child Yoga? Why teach a child breathing awareness?

Simply yoga the playful and fun way !

Children face over stimulation, distractions, insecurities and fears; and academic and peer pressure too early in life. Yoga can help children deal with this pressure-cooker environment and infuse energy and confidence into their personalities.

Golden Earth has been striving to bring Yoga to schools. The sessions are conducted in school assembly or during their sports class. Practice of yoga, pranayama and mindfulness from a young age, helps to bring a balance and control of the mind.

Yoga workshops and retreats are conducted in a safe and fun space. Kids are full of energy and like having fun, so our sessions are created to include learning and fun. For special sessions with special needs kids do connect separately.


What we provide?

Below are some services we offer for children in schools, societies and online fun yoga classes. Yoga and breath-work workshops/sessions are offered as per specific requests. We also offer private sessions to children online. Yoga sessions for special needs children and their parents. Art and Yoga sessions for emotional healing and physical well-being.


Workshops for schools

Students these days undergo a lot of stress to meet expectations of parents and teachers. Our workshops teach children to deal with stress. Simple Yoga practices with breathing provide immediate relief as well as giving long term tools to cope with any kind of stress as adults. This leads to overall growth of the students academically and physically.


Fun-n-Play Yoga

Yoga and breath awareness through fun themes, stories & laughter are introduced to children in myriads of different ways. They are fun, effective, beneficial and a crucial component of a well-rounded practice. Kids love working with the breath and get into fun postures!! They find inner strength and peace — it uplifts them, calms them and teaches them how to focus in nerve-wracking or anxiety-inducing situations.


Camping & Retreats

Kids can be themselves anywhere without any hesitation. Our Camping and Retreats are designed so the kids can be themselves and learn life skills through yoga such as understanding their feelings, knowing what to do when sad, how to share their thoughts with others. It introduces them to yoga in a fun way in a residential setup staying with other kids and forming strong friendships.


I am a teacher and visited this three day retreat with my son. There are lots of activities here and my favourite is yoga with fun stories. I believe it is the perfect way to introduce the child to meditation and yoga.- Avni (parent) , Aurangabad

Recent Events

Yoga & Breathwork, fun with kids

On Zoom with Children in USA

Summer break yoga and breathwork daily sessions with kids from 8 years to 12 years, bringing a lot of fun, movements and animal sounds into the asanas and breathwork. Back and forward bends, lots of twists and rest in shavasana. Use of props like favorite toys and pillows and walls added a new dimension to it.

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Program Benefits

  • Develops awareness of body, mind and breath
  • Builds attention span and concentration power
  • Augments imagination and creativity
  • Relieves mental & physical fatigue
  • Boosts energy levels & provides deep relaxation
  • Helps overcome negative emotions like jealousy, fear and anger
  • Fosters a positive self image and increases confidence
  • Increases breathing and lung capacity
  • Exercises, strengthens and lengthens different muscles in the body
  • Encourages healthy food habits

Have a question?


Toddlers can be acquainted with yoga at an early age around 5 years. Children above the age of 7 can start proper yoga practice from the age of 8. Starting yoga early is the best way to gift great health and fitness of the body and mind for kids.
Yoga is the practice of controlled breathing, meditation and a series of poses with the body. Yoga not only assists with strengthening the body but also quieting the mind. By quieting and calming the mind, a person can better focus, self-manage emotions or find a chance to relax.
Schools can benefit very much from yoga.It adds variety in how kids get their exercise, as it teaches children to focus their mind and pay more attention in class. This leads to better focus & children can fine-tune their attention span and put it towards their studies.
Mindfulness is being aware of one’s thoughts and thought processes. By paying attention to your own thought process, you can understand why something makes you feel a certain way. Mindfulness can also help your child to consider how their actions affect others.
Families benefit greatly from their children practicing yoga. In a technological age that makes distraction very easy, especially to young minds, practicing yoga will encourage your child to be active, more focused and hopefully be more inclined to better communicate feelings with family.
Yoga is for everyone and children with special needs or abilities are also benefited from its practice. As far as learning needs are concerned, each child learns differently, at their own pace. Yoga is not a competition, it is a self-practice for self-care and It will greatly help to progress.