A little about me!

Introduced to Yoga as a child in school, I have experienced popularity very early being the star student who was very flexible and was called to demonstrate asanas for many other students in their classes.

Cut to twenty years later when I was working in the Fashion Clothing Retail Industry that I actually remembered and felt the need to re-introduce YOGA in my life again. I was traveling a lot both for work and passion and found myself getting quite distracted with so many things vying for my attention. That is when I reconnected with practicing yoga asanas once again. Although my practice was erratic and not consistent, when I did practice it brought me to balance and allowed me to pay quality attention to my life.

One important instance that occurred changed the way I began to practice and led me to join the yoga teachers training course. I moved jobs and when I joined my new place of work – I fell sick with Bronchitis. I could not even drink water without throwing up. Specialists doctors said the pollen in that area were causing this severe reaction. I was advised to take a break and travel out of the city.

When I came back to work the issue flared up again and this continued till I chose to stop all medicines and focused on my Pranayama practices diligently for a few months. This helped me cure my bronchitis issue and I have since never faced this issue again!

After this my faith and practice changed and became more disciplined and consistent!

My intention to understand this ancient science in depth led me to my first teacher's training course with Yoga Vidya Dham, Nasik where I stayed for a few weeks and did intense practice and learnt so much. I studied to get better at my practice yet soon after that, on request from family and friends I started teaching some yoga here and there while working at my job!

A Peak into my thoughts on Yoga

Learning how you actually feel, moment to moment allows your body to open up in so many more ways than you cognitively thought possible. Yoga is a vital tool for healing, relaxing and shifting your perspective. The physical (asana) aspects are a beautiful gateway to deeper connects with our body and mind. I believe a few minutes of Yoga daily, can bring more balance and harmony in your life. Becoming a Yoga teacher has made me even more dedicated to my own practice. Yoga leads me on a journey within, simultaneously inspiring my students to embark on their own journeys. I am filled with gratitude for the grace of this amazing path. Primarily teaching the Hatha style of yoga, I also specialize in teaching Yin, Restorative Yoga & Core Somatic Integration Therapy.


I founded Golden Earth- Journeys in Yoga, to bring the experience of yoga to real people with the intention to reduce stress and increase the happiness quotient of those whose path crosses mine. I am a yoga practitioner, trainer, wellness coach and an avid traveler. So if you happen to bump into a lady bullet rider exploring unexplored locales, there’s a good chance it is me! For a few years now, I have been conducting yoga retreats and workshops in the lap of nature. I strongly believes that spaces away from the din of the Metropolitan exclude a higher cosmic energy and the metamorphosis therefore happens sooner.

A lush green haven helps to relax, rejuvenate and rediscover, within a safe space, to receive and nurture one's own journey to discover self. I too feel relaxed and rejuvenated when such retreats create powerful moments to enjoy life’s miracles. These moments of joyful miracles bring so much fun and transformation and is something that keeps me on this amazing journey of yoga. I am also a certified Yoga trainer for kids from Yoga Vidya Dham, Nasik and work extensively with children including children with special needs.

I have had the privilege of working with special needs children especially during my stay in the US a few years ago and it's been the most touching and life changing experience I had! With a teaching experience of 10 years, plus my 16 plus years working experience in corporate where I managed top national and international fashion and lifestyle brands, I have an understanding and experience of the pressures of corporate world. These have led me to focus on conducting sessions for over 50 corporate companies and run extensive workshops and retreats for corporate companies.

Laughter is the best medicine and we need to remind ourselves to laugh more, as a laughter yoga leader most of my workshops and retreats integrate laughter yoga as well. Deep Study and practice of all aspects of yoga, through workshops focused on Breathwork, Pranayama, Meditations, Yin Yoga for all age groups create transformation. Nada Yoga or Sound for healing is an integral part of my work used extensively to bring healing and relaxation. My programs are heartfelt and intuitive, gently nourishing and nurturing. I am very passionate about creating a safe space for you to flow with more ease and grace.

I am passionate to work with the physical body and strongly feel it is the most powerful way to release small and big pains or traumas, to reach deeper healing and relaxation. Core Somatic Healing is one such area of work and a statement that I borrow from my mentor "The mind is in the body" says it all. This is an area of work used by many doctors along with regular therapies with patients and I have integrated Core Somatic Healing into my work as as a wellness coach and yoga teacher .It adds so much to our personal transformation when we focus on body healing and relaxation.

I feel these sessions will ground you, challenge you to be here in the now more often. Experiencing this through your own sadhana, is the only way to know and feel the change and transformation that happens.


Things I love

Favorite travel spot: Ladakh, Himalayas, India.

Favorite Yoga Style: Yin Yoga.

Favorite Yoga Pose: Legs up the wall.

Favorite Food: Fresh, local food wherever I travel to.