Yoga Retreats

Would you like to create more space and time in your life? To feel authentic, inspired and energized? To feel vibrant, to deeply relax, be more present, more connected to your-self?

Little breaks for healthy living and relaxation!

Experience our unique yoga retreats in beautiful, exotic locations and explore new ways to connect with yourself.

Going on a yoga retreat is like taking a vacation with no worry. It can be a very healing experience for your mental and physical health. Going on a retreat can change your life, shift your perspectives and help you deal with deeper feelings, connecting with your own internal world. You never know what you can learn from the people you meet that can affect your future or see your life from a new perspective to see yourself in a different light.

Just embrace each day with mindfulness, positive energy and experience the blissful vibes. We urge you to experience yoga, meditate and do some fun things while being with yourself in nature.


What we provide?

Our yoga retreats come in all shapes and sizes! No two retreats are ever the same, thanks to the location, program, instructor, and the participants themselves. And that’s why we’re always looking for our next retreat! Take your time to choose what is right for you. Some retreats we run each year are mentioned below.


Travel Retreats

Our retreats will take you into beautiful and exotic locations including Ladakh and Himachal every year. Get inspired with unique yoga sequences through Yin, restorative and Hatha flows, eating healthy, connecting with local places and people, going on off the beaten track for a little peace, calm and adventure too; opening up to new experiences through yoga, nature and people in these retreats.


Weekend Retreats

A Yoga n Art Retreat for Children and Parents, in midst of nature, full of fun and learning a short distance away from Mumbai. A Relax and Renew Retreat for individuals to connect with themselves and immerse in nature. Get away from routine life for a weekend — be in the moment and experience stillness.


I’m so grateful, I got connected with you when looking for a direction in my life. The beautiful aura around you, gave me a lot of peace. Just loved your yoga, meditation and the amazing road trip from Srinagar to Leh.- Anshoo Khera, New Delhi

Recent Events

Creative & Yoga Camp

Osho Saraswati, Lonavala

Let your children experience the joy of a creative weekend, loaded with fun filled activities. This retreat curates many activities like nature walks, storytelling, painting and yoga for an interactive blissful weekend with your children. Join in the fun and let the children experience their creative side in the natural surroundings.

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Program Benefits

  • Connect with Nature
  • Take time for yourself
  • Travel with a purpose
  • Evaluate your current circumstances
  • Find Healing
  • Deepen your yoga practice
  • Really completely relax
  • Meet like minded people
  • See beautiful locations

Have a question?


We offer yoga classes as per our itinerary on our travel yoga retreats. Usually a morning Hatha flow class which is quite active and invigorating, and a heavenly restorative Yin yoga class in the evening with a longer relaxation. Both classes are suitable for all levels.
Yes, beginners can join. We have all yoga levels from beginners to advanced, and our teachers will modify the classes so you can practice at your own pace.
There are normally 10-15 people on each yoga retreat. This can vary slightly by retreat and by date, but we tend to limit the number to 20 people.
People join us from all over the world – from the UK and many other European countries, the US and Canada, Australia, South Africa just to name a few. We welcome solo travelers – on average about half of the people on our yoga retreats come on their own, as well as couples, friends, siblings – everyone is welcome, and we normally have a variety of ages from 30s all the way to 50s and at times 60s! We’ll plan group dinners and day trips for those who want to join, but also respect people’s space if you need some alone-time, it’s all part of the holiday.
Each Retreat is different and has its own itinerary. Usually we have one session of yoga or meditation each day.
Again this depends on the type of the retreat. If we are on the road travelling we may have a bite in a roadside restaurant. If we are in a town or city it is arranged as per the type of retreat.
In the travel retreat we do keep time and space to try local food at least once during the duration of the retreat. Rest of the meals are arranged on location where we stay.
Weekend retreats are usually arranged with vegetarian fresh food at the venue.
Delicious food is one of the highlights of our yoga retreats.
Usually we have double or triple sharing rooms. Again, this depends on the retreat itinerary. We have many people joining our yoga retreats on their own – our solo guests can enjoy an en-suite double room all to themselves and don’t need to share a room at a price.
We have not included flights into the holiday package since we have people joining from all over the world.
Plan to arrive before the retreat starts. Depending on the itinerary the last class will be the evening before the last day of the retreat, and people will leave at some point on the next day depending on flights.
All our destinations are extremely safe. We are careful to pick locations that don’t present any threat and we would never organize a yoga retreat in a place we felt would present any danger. We constantly monitor the situation in all the countries we visit to make sure there is no danger.
If you would like to book a yoga retreat, please contact us by phone or email below. +919619436661 or
Alternatively, you can fill out our Booking Form and we’ll contact you back right away.
Full payment is due when you make your booking. However, if your booking date is more than 90 days prior to your arrival date, we accept a 30% deposit, with the balance due 90 days prior to your arrival date.
If you, or any member of your party, cancel your travel arrangements at any time, written notification from the person who made the booking must be received by us by email at Since we incur costs in cancelling your travel arrangements, the following cancellation charges will be payable by you: if you cancel the yoga retreat 46 days or more prior to your arrival date, all payments will be refunded, minus the 30% deposit. If you cancel the yoga retreat between 45 days and your arrival date: 100% of the payments will be forfeited. Please see our full Terms & Conditions for details, including if we cancel the yoga retreat.