Thank you Sonali for coming home and teaching me the basics in yoga so I can practice them in my time on a daily basis. The pranayama practices have specially been very powerful and helpful for me. I am  way more calm and relaxed.

- Ruby


It was a wonderful experience, I enjoyed the workshop for its content as well meeting like minded people. Would love if you extend your guidance even after this workshop.

- Vrushali

I have been attending yin yoga practice online with Sonali since two and half months. The Yin practices gives me an opportunity to be in the moment, to breathe, to relax, to improve the flexibility of my body and mind. Sonali gives very clear instructions and the encouragement to stay in the posture for a long time with ease and relaxation. Yin yoga has now become  a past of my schedule and I look forward eagerly to every session.

- Shraddha

The Yin Yoga sessions are relaxing and an hour goes past without being conscious of the time passing. It brings a sense of quiet and stillness

- Gurminder

Thanks a lot for the wonderful experience of yoga & meditation in the beautiful natural surroundings. It took me into a different world altogether.

- Namrata


Thank you Sonali for a fantastic camp. Aryan & I really enjoyed ourselves. Everything was so well planned. What I loved about the camp was the location, the super friendly people & we felt at ease immediately. All the activities including the art sessions and yoga stories were so much fun.

- Sonia & Aryan

Yoga retreat was relaxing! I got rest and felt very calm. Thanks for an amazingly wonderful 2 days.

- Naina V

Thanks Sonali. The yogasana was relaxing. Especially loved the"yoga nidra". Will surely love to follow it again.

- Lajja


Dearest Sonali, Exhilirating! Relaxing experience! Ready to face the world with a new energy & perspective. Should have more of these sessions. for a longer period.

- Priya B

Thanks a lot for the wonderful sessions. Mind and body had a great time!.

- Neeraj

Dear Sonali. I had a wonderful session!  It was rejuvenating and a calming session. Thank you!

- Ninad


Thanks for an amazingly wonderful 2 days. Experienced true "inner peace" and mental well being. Loved the restorative yoga, It worked wonders, the chanting and the overall experience.

- Surekha

Thanks a lot for an enjoyable & blissful experience! Loved the restorative yoga session. Yoga Nidra session was very relaxing! Thanks a ton & looking forward to meeting you again soon.

- Amruta

It was great spending one hour with you in the morning. Wonderful session!  It was rejuvenating and a calming session.

- Neeraj J

I have joined yoga in locked down... I was very low in energy and suffering from shoulder pain, back pain. I understood how much my body was stiff during the yoga sessions. Sonali has made it smooth; she knows our limits and doesn't stress beyond that. In one and half months itself I could see the results. First change was in the periods. I used to have energy for only 15 days in a month but with yoga practice I am at equal energy for almost all days! The cramps have reduced. Overall, I started feeling good myself. Positive in this lock down. My body has become flexible and most important my frozen shoulder pain has gone. Also, Sonali has shared good tips for food habits and weight loss. It is a very satisfactory journey and looking forward to continuing this journey.

- Shweta

Vihaan enjoyed his yoga classes greatly. Sonali taught him some great breathing and mindfulness exercises along with the yoga poses, which he will be able to use for a long time.


- Deepanita (Parent, USA)

My kids who had never done yoga before, really enjoyed classes with Sonali. They had signed up for two weeks of classes and asked to continue them.Sonali was really patient with them and explained everything very clearly and made yoga fun for kids.

- Jaya Halepete (Parent, USA)