Soul, Body, Mind Alignment

APRIL 03 - 2021

Golden Earth - Journeys in Yoga in association with Bugyal a brand of Himalayan Kitchen Pharmacy, invites you to experience an exciting 5N/6D journey through the Yoga Wellness Retreat to Align Soul, Body, Mind at Sahastradhara | Dehradun | Uttarakhand, is commencing on 03rd April 2021. A Yoga Wellness Retreat – Soak in the surroundings connected to nature yet close to civilization. Yoga. Travel. Explore. Food – the focal aspects in this retreat encompassing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Immerse yourself in the creative elements of different art forms, Practice Yoga, Meditation, some healing modalities and some fun along with it!

Aligning Soul, Body and Mind in an amazing way stay connected with yourself.

The purpose of this Soul, Body, Mind Alignment retreat is to connect with nature and self in a beautiful, safe space to nurture yourself. Immersing yourself by connecting with nature and being a participant means to encourage the local economy of Uttarakhand. When you choose this retreat you will choose to connect with sustainability and authenticity of the local people and culture.
This wellness retreat is located in Sahastradhara or “1000 fold spring”, a very popular spot few km outside Dehradun the capital city of Uttarakhand. The resort is located at the Baldi River in Sahastradhara.

Participants from 14 years onwards are expected to participate in this retreat with us and it will be completed on 8th April 2021. There is something for everyone from Yoga for physical health, Meditation for mental health, Some nature connect activities to be happy within and for the holisitic health awesome organic food and some sightseeing too.
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