Leh, Ladakh

yoga during assembly held at a school september 2017 ,Leh,ladakh

Golden Earth conducted Yoga during Assembly at a well known school in Leh on 7th September 2017.Starting the day with Yoga is a great way to increase energy and focus to last throughout the day. It helps children and teachers to start the school day with mindfulness ,focus & high energy. It had an overwhelming response from the students!

The purpose of this particular yoga session was to get the children to start the school day with mindfulness ,focus and energy.During the school assembly after the prayers the yoga session was conducted with children from 8 years and above in this particular session. The change in energy,the excitement and laughter during the laughter yoga session conducted along with yoga asanas created a high energy atmosphere.This session was conducted for about 20 mins and added a new dimension of energy to the assembly time.

Children in the 8-14 years age group attended this session during their assembly time post the prayers.The event was conducted for over 100 children and proved to be a blessing for them to activate the energy levels for the classes ahead.The fun and love with which everyone participated and appreciated each other after the session is just too precious.” Will we have the yoga session daily ? It was so much fun! "- quipped an excited group of kids.

The event was so well received by the kids and the teachers ! Each year we visit many schools in these regions to bring more awareness to include yoga in schools!

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